Minute Notes 3/20/17

Spring Break 2017

  • It was a good trip and we made good connections
  • We have been invited back for next year
  • Those who went on the trip need to turn in an event evaluation at
    • habitat@oakton.edu

Garage Sale (PENDING)

  • Will be finding out soon paper work ┬áneeded

I guess the meetings over now? I’m still typing because I want to ensure that some more space is being taken up for the minutes today. I should probably go do some homework now. Productive meeting… see y’all next week I guess.


Minutes for 3-6-2017

Spring Break Trip (March 12th- March 18th)

  • Get there by Sunday Morning 1:30 A.M
  • Leaving at 2:00 A.M Sharp
  • Parking Lot C

Thursday Maine East build

  • Option A: From 7-9 A.M at Maine East (drive self there and back) (This is just to go for the Maine East part not the entire trip)
  • Option B: meet at Parking Lot C at 6:45 A.M going with van to Maine East and then Bloomington Normal until 3:30 P.M (This is the full trip)
  • 7 Signed up for Maine East 4 For the Bloomington Normal Trip

Meeting Minutes for 2-13-17

One Day Build

  • Thursday March 9th
  • 6:45 A.M- 3:00 P.M
  • Meeting at Des Plaines Campus
  • Need 11 to go with Oakton Van and Two Men in a Truck to Bloomington-Normal
  • Option 1 is to go with the Van for the whole ride
  • Option 2 is to get your own ride and meet at Maine East High School (Be there by 7:00 A.M.)

Friends of Andrew Build

  • Saturday February 25th
  • Chicago Build
  • 5-10 people needed
  • Will need to get yourself a ride
  • Free Street Parking
  • 11933 S.Union Ave., West Pullman, Chicago, IL 60628
  • 7:45 A.M.-3:00 P.M.
  • Need to Complete Waiver at least one Week before Build Day
  • PDF will be sent out that gives link

Garage Sale


Minutes for 2/6/17

34 More Days Until Spring Break!

  • Spring Break
    • List of 20 people (Most Likely to go on trip)
    • Full Group
    • Only two separate Van
    • Shawn from OVO will be joining us and documenting our work, and making it into a documentary.
  • Meet and Greet?
    • Hard Hats will be given morning of the build
    • 8:00 A.M-8:30 A.M next Monday here for Des Plaines?
    • 8:00 A.M-8:30 A.M next next Monday for Skokie?
    • Email will be sent
  • Opportunity to Host vendors
    • Keep up with Vendors
    • Let Student life know
    • Check regularly, if they have had opportunities to take a lunch break, etc..
    • Do not have to be next to them 24/7, after class ┬ácheck up on them
    • will need to greet them
    • help them pack up
  • Jimmy Carter Summer Build
    • In Canada will cost $1300.00 for rooming with someone, or $1650.00 for Single occupancy
    • Does not include transportation
    • Will not be Club Sponsored
    • Will need to apply
    • Marv will email you if you have interest.
  • Chicago Habitat needs volunteers (Andrew)
    • February and March
    • Last Saturday of February?
    • Build is 8:00 A.M- 3:00 P.M
    • Build day for February 25th
    • Will need to provide own transportation or Carpool
    • If we go with van Marv will need to go with us.
    • Try to get some friends together for this
    • Small groups?
    • Event Request needed as well as Travel Waiver
    • Will meet at Des Plaines campus at 6:45 A.M
    • Will need to register online
  • Garage Sale
    • 20th and 21st of May
    • will begin to get flyers out!
    • Need to get word out ASAP
    • Would be on Skokie Campus
  • Summer Build?
    • Holland, Michigan?
    • $50 a day
    • $20 for logging and $30 for Meals (or is it the other way around?)
    • Would be a Weekend Build
  • Methodist Campground
    • Is pending

Minutes for 1-30-17

  • Spring Break 2017
    • Totally Booked but we need payments ASAP
  • Garage Sale
    • Most likely from May 20-21
  • Skokie Festival of Cultures
    • May 20-21
    • $200 for a table
    • possible marketing opportunity for Garage Sale
    • More people would be around for the Garage Sale
  • Possible Volunteer day
    • 18th or 25th?
    • Powell was going to look into it
  • Shanty Town?
    • Do it? Is it too late?
    • Could be timely considering current politics
    • Do it alongside food pantry?

Meeting Minutes for 1/23/17

  • Spring Break!
    • Starkville, Mississippi!
    • We need to collect money ASAP
    • 18 have registered (maybe more as of now)
    • 5 have made deposits
    • 6 have paid in full (2 of which are professors who will be joining us)
    • Remember to pay your $160!
    • Churches will provide our meals (vegetarian options should be available but let us know ahead of time!)
    • We leave on March 12th at 3:00 A.M. and we will return on March 18th
  • Garage Sale (Pending)
    • If we do this we have to Market it hard and ASAP
    • If this happens it would probably be around May 20th and 21st
    • Permit is not required (This will be good for advertising)
  • Volunteer Fest at Oakton
    • February 8th and 15th
    • I do not have an exact answer as to which campus has this on which date
    • Skokie will have it in rooms 103-104
    • Des Plaines will have it on Student Street
  • February 25th Conference
    • Midwest Leadership Conference
    • Bloomington, Indiana
    • 8:00 A.M. – 8:30 P.M.
    • $26 fee
  • Possible plans
    • Teaming up with Ecology club and Garden club for Oakton Garden
      • Maybe doing something with edible landscape
    • Tiny Home
    • Campground Build over the Summer

Minutes for 11/17/16

Shanty Town

  • Powell is (getting/has) the boxes for Shanty Town
  • Meeting at Nicole’s 11/18/16 for preparation
  • If paint was bought it will be re-imbursed
  • Meeting 11/20/16 for building of shanties on Student Street at 1 p.m

UNICEF Bakesale

  • Partnering with UNICEF for Bakesale on December 7
  • Powell is probably getting supplies from work (Thank you Powell)

No Winter Build as of yet

  • Possibly work on Habitat Campground?

Spring Break Build!

  • Starkville Mississipi
  • Need $30 down-payment before Winter Break
  • Full price will be $160
  • Leave March 11 return March 17

Study Breakfast December 6

  • 7:30 PM-9:30 PM
  • Do we want a Habitat Table? (Cover the Spring Break build)

Black Friday November 25th

  • Work at re-store
  • Will need to sign up online

Blessing of Springfield home December 3rd (Not attending?)

Skokie Pantry cancelled

Canada Build?

  • Sometime in July
  • $3000 per person, GoFundMe?
  • Jimmy Carter might be there