House Blessing

Here is another house that our partners Maine East built the frame for.
Thanks to Two Men and a Truck who helped us deliver the frame.
Thanks to all!


10-28-2106 Meeting

The members in attendance shared thoughts about increasing awareness and participation.  It was recommended that the club create flyers and consider texting members.

We talked about things that the club is not doing that it did in the past.  For example having a table on student street to recruit members.  We also talked about having a table in the cafeteria where students would gather and converse.


House #98 Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County

While working at the build site with the new home owner I was proudly offered his story.  “Here, share this with everyone at the College, and tell them how much I appreciated the students helping me out”  he stated.

     “Many people who dream of home ownership do so for expected reasons: they want a place to call their own; they want to invest in something that belongs to them; they want the freedom to decorate and landscape as they see fit. Sixty-six year-old Marshall Brown has a very practical reason for wanting his own home: he wants to breath easier. Literally.

     The Vietnam veteran currently lives in a rented house that has issues with mold, and the mold exacerbates his health problems, and makes breathing difficult.  It’s a space that he doesn’t want his grandchildren to visit because of the mold.  He’s ready to get out of this rental, and will soon be able to, thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County.

     Marshall will be the recipient of a Habitat renovation home, and this home will be completely handicapped accessible.   After four hip surgeries, he is grateful to know that everything in his new home will be easily accessible to him.  His disabilities don’t slow him down – carrying on the tradition of his family, he is a 32nd degree mason, and is active in the local chapter of Businessmen and Christ.  Marshall is looking forward to working with various military branches, both active and veterans on his remodeling project.   He is thankful for the opportunity to have a place where he can breath easy, and enjoy his family. ‘Moving into a house that is handicapped accessible, I won’t have to worry about breathing or walking problems… that will take a lot of stress off me,’ he says.

     He also says that if the good Lord blesses him with the time, he’d like to save up for some new furniture.   And he’s excited to be getting a double lot. When asked what he is most excited about regarding his new house, he said he was just ready to get settled and do a little bit at a time, whatever his fixed income will allow.

‘I’m just trying to do the right thing, and to be there for whomever I can be there for,’ he says.”