5/8/17 Minutes

Ideas being tossed around

  • One month build day?
  • Weekly Volunteering at Habitat Restore?

Minutes for 5/1/17


Ballot will be sent later today! Voting will be over on 5/8/17!


Habitat Themed Escape Room?

Garage Sale May 20-21

Get word out! No one has signed up.

Facebook flyer?

Music or food? (Food is hard as need to guarantee a crowd.)

Speaker playing music with Facebook live?

Minutes for 4/17/17

Garage Sale 5/20 and 5/21

Saturday and Sunday!

Need people to pass out flyers and get word out!

Need volunteers to be there as well!

Positions and who has had interest!

President: Jonathan Powell will be running

Vice-president: Donovan Duffy will be running

Treasurer: Ben Kornstein will be running

Secretary: Mariusz Czech

Project Lead(s): Elizabeth Adcox running for a project lead

House blessing down in Starkville Mississippi

Get out going leadership and incoming leadership to get to know the job and get along.



Minutes for 4/10/17

Tabling Days (Need People to sign up!)

4-10-17 at Skokie

4-18-17 at Des Plaines

4-19-17 Des Plaines

4-25-17 Skokie

Day of Service


Peace Fire


Wednesday May 3rd

Open House

Garage Sale May 20th-21st (Saturday and Sunday)

(9 A.M-4 P.M) at Skokie Campus

Flyers are ready! We need them to be passed out!

Need to have people table!

Need People to sign up for roster!

Minutes for 3/27/17

Spring Break Evaluations

  • Two forms have been sent and a reminder will be sent again
  • One form is the Service learning form which document the 40 hours of service work IMPORTANT
  • Preferably sent via word as it is cut and pasted into the evaluation


  • Invitations are forth coming
  • For the form make sure to list all your clubs that you have been invited by
  • Due by April 7th

Garage Sale?

  • If we are to have it we must start planning the event now
  • Need to know who is doing what, etc…
  • Volunteer List will be created
  • Deadline to be prepared is 8 weeks away but need to get started now
  • Will need people to staff the Habitat Tables at the sale
  • Flyers are ready to be printed

Leadership Positions for next year

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Need to have election sometime around May 1st for next years leadership
  • Current Leadership will be able mentor the next group
  • Marv and Leadership team will schedule meetings during the Summer on regular basis for mentoring

Maine East Geometry and Construction

  • Second house will be delivered to a lot in Des Plaines in May
  • Will need a delivery crew and a construction day crew
  • Will be a one day event
  • Specific Day is to be determined.
  • Wednesday delivery and Friday Build day
  • Will require members with experience from a build